April 2, 2020

Squires of the MPL

This week, we've brought on one of the returning MPL members to join Brad and Corey! You won't want to miss this episode as they talk about their wants for Ikoria, the April Fools Secret Lair and a certain love for Squire, and ramifications of the big MPL announcement for next year!

MPL Announcement: https://magic.gg/news/esports-update-mpl-rivals-and-competitor-2020-partial-season-changes

Secret Lair: https://secretlair.wizards.com/us/product/604702/secret-lair-wizards-of-the-coast-presents-after-great-deliberation-we-have-compiled-and-remastered-the-greatest-magic-the-gathering-cards-of-all-time-ever

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